The Personal Branding Bootcamp is an online program for you to discover your personal brand and design your career around what you most love to do, what you’re the best at and what you most value.

Over the course of 5 training modules (and 1 bonus module), you will:

DEFINE who you are and what’s most important to you in your career – these are the big life purpose questions, where we dig into your talents, passions and values and identify who you most want to serve (yup, Bob Dylan was right, we all have to serve somebody….).

This helps you identify and DECLARE your ‘Brand Promise’ – the commitment you make to your ideal client  (this is your ‘secret sauce’, whether you work for yourself or someone else).

We wrap up the learning by designing a communications and branding strategy to DELIVER your brand and get your sweet self out there.

The self-study trainings are delivered through a combination of video, worksheets and learning resources available 24/7  in our online classroom, so you can learn at your own pace.

Every September, we offer a facilitated version of the program in a 6 week online session.

If you sign up for the course earlier in the year and want to attend the facilitated version in the fall, all graduates of the Personal Branding Bootcamp are invited to attend the facilitator-guided session every September (at a big discount!).

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Module 1

Video 1 – Personal Branding Overview

Video 2 – The 5 W’s of Personal Branding

Video 3 – Talents, Passions and Values


Module 2

Video 1 – Brand Promise

Video 2 – Passion Points

Video 3 – Benefit Statements

Module 3

Video 1 – Your WHY

Video 2 – Creative Code

Video 3 – Ideal Day Meditation


Module 4

Video 1 – Brand Stories

Video 2 – Sphere of Influence

Video 3 – Branding Toolkit


Module 5

Video 1 – SWOT / Branding Opportunities

Video 2 – Communications Audit

Video 3 – Branding Action Plan


Bonus Module

Video 1 – Wardrobe for Camera

Video 2 – Makeup for Camera