Welcome to Friday’s Feature Flashback – case studies of some of our favourite projects from the past.  This week we’re profiling an informational video that we created for the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders and their Summer Camp program for young women struggling with eating disorders.  This year’s camp runs August 13 – 20 and is now taking applications.

 The 5W’s of Friday’s Feature Flashback
Who:  Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders
What:  Information video
Where:  Filmed at the site of the Looking Glass Summer Camp – Loon Lake Forestry Camp – near Vancouver, BC
When:  Summer 2015
Why we loved this project:   This is such an amazing opportunity for young women with eating disorders to create connections, support and safety to help them move through what is often an incredibly isolating illness.  I was deeply inspired by the stories of the girls we interviewed and how much heart and love the staff and volunteers bring to the camp.
To learn more about the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders and all the important work they do, check out Looking Glass Summer Camp and if you’d like to receive more of our Friday’s Feature Flashback videos, sign up for our e-newsletter here.