“I highly recommend the Video Branding Bootcamp to anyone wanting to do more of what they love.”

Jodi LaMasurier

“Robyn’s expertise and knowledge of facilitation and course design was just what I needed to take my trainings online and create a strategy for using video.”  

Tracey Lorenson

Media Training and Video Coaching FAQs

Who is Video Coaching and Media Training for?

We would be a great fit if:

*  you are a speaker, author, coach or business leader and you know it’s time to harness the power of the internet in your marketing;

*  you have a message to take to the next level – whether it’s video on your website, a TED Talk or your own video channel – and you want a coach to support you in the scriptwriting and messaging;

*  you are a conscious leader with a vision and message that serves your customers and the world and you want to get yourself across on camera with confidence and authenticity.



How does the coaching work?

Every client’s video strategy is unique and that’s how we approach your project from start to finish. From individual or group media trainings to complete video productions, we customize the writing, shooting, and editing of each video depending on each client’s goals.  We consider your speaking and video experience, and offer packages that will suit your level of comfort. Coaching is delivered in person, via Skype or in our virtual video ‘classroom’.

Although we deliver live trainings primarily in the Pacific Northwest – Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, and Seattle – we also provide video branding coaching and offer suggestions on how to save time and money by either shooting and editing your own project or hiring the right video professional.


How do I get started?

There are a few sessions each week available for a virtual ‘coffee date’ by Skype or by phone. When you book your session, you will receive a short video branding questionnaire in order to focus our discussion, and at the end of our time we can determine if designing your video strategy is your next step and whether it would be a fit to work together.

The weekly calendar fills quickly, so if your project is time-sensitive, feel free to email Robyn@RobynUnwin.com


How do I get the videos from my training?

Your videos are all available for download from our Vimeo channel – all videos are password protected until final approval. You can then embed the video on your website, upload it to your own YouTube or Vimeo channel or share it on your social media pages.


Speakers Media Camp FAQs

How will attending Speakers Media Camp benefit my business?


As a business owner, you are called upon to network or speak publicly about your business, and Speakers Camp provides the training and practice to make your presentations authentic, compelling, and memorable.


What’s the secret to being an effective speaker, whether in a group, on stage, or on camera? Practice, practice, and more practice! Practice = confidence. Every Speakers Camp session features a ‘Laser-pitch’ warm-up: an opportunity for you to practice and refine your ‘elevator speech’ on the fly. Laser-pitch sessions will also be video-recorded, with the video available for purchase – a great way to get a short promo video for your website.

Video and Web Analytics:

Online marketing will continue its meteoric rise, and if you know how to use video effectively to get your message out, you will establish yourself as the authority in your field. Using video amps up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allowing you to be found online and ranked ahead of your competition.


What does video have to do with Speakers Media Camp?

As a participating speaker, you will have the option of having your presentation video-recorded. Many business people, speakers, and facilitators are heeding the call to use video (and audio podcasts) to promote products, services, and projects.  Most people trying video for the first time realize that it’s not as easy as it looks. It takes planning and practice to create a professional piece that looks and sounds great, and portrays you authentically. After a few Speakers Camp sessions, you will be regularly exposed to the tips and techniques that make presentations come to life on camera. Video-recording is optional, but is easily one of the most effective training tools for you to use to become a great speaker.

Do I have to be a professional speaker?

Absolutely not! Speakers range from business owners wanting to improve their media and promotional skills, to marketers looking to make their presentations available to a wider audience, to graduate students wanting to deliver their theses with confidence, or professionals looking to sharpen their media relations. If you have a message you want to take to a wider audience, Speakers Media Camp is for you!

Can I just come to watch?

Absolutely – we hope you will! Speakers Media Camps are a great way to find out more about the leaders in your community, learn about interesting topics and meet cool people!

Speakers are also invited to bring their clients or colleagues to the final session, and if their taping time permits, we will record customer testimonials following their interview or performance.

Media Gym FAQs

Who joins Media Gym?

This program is perfect training for speakers or public figures: anyone who has a message to take to a wider audience, whether that’s online, on stage or on-camera. From how to design an online program or video product to creating your own video channel, you will learn how to become a producer of your own media content.

If you are a speaker, trainer or facilitator, the media training will build on your experience as a presenter and create opportunities to deliver your material in an online or DVD format.

If you are an expert in a field, an author or a coach, the video training will support you in delivering your knowledge and expertise to a digital audience.

If you are an entrepreneur or in sales, the sessions will leave you with video for your website. Along with the benefits of increased web traffic and SEO, this is the best way to create an authentic brand impression with customers and clients.

Delivering information with video and online technology is the way of the future, so this course is for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge and use video to communicate with an authentic and personal touch.

What happens during the training?

Media Gym is a full-day media training workshop, where you receive coaching on scripting your message, what to wear on camera, hair and makeup tips, and best practices for working with a video production team.

During the training, you will receive feedback and coaching on your messaging and delivery, as well as experiencing the technical elements of presenting with video (including sound, lighting, and camera techniques).

The raw footage is included in your tuition for use on your website and other online media (professional video editing is available, but is not included in the workshop fee).

How do I get my video-recordings?

Your videos will be posted on our Vimeo channel a week after the training. From there you can download the video, burn it to DVD, embed the file in your website, or share it on your own Vimeo or YouTube channel.

We provide additional editing services if you want to add music, titles, transitions, and edits to your project (additional editing is not included in the workshop fee). You can check out video examples on the Speakers Media Camp webpage.

Where can I sign up for Media Gym?

Programs are currently offered in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Vancouver at various times during the year.  Check the Registration page for dates and locations.  Corporate media trainings are also available for businesses, associations, boards or groups.  Email Robyn directly at Robyn@RobynUnwin.com for group media training.


Video Branding Bootcamp FAQs


Who is the Video Branding Bootcamp for?

If this is you:

* you want to build your career, business or vocation around your talents, passions and values, and love what you do;

* you run a business and want your branding and messaging to be a magnetic link to your ideal clients (so THEY come to YOU);

* you have a compelling message you want to take to the next level – whether it’s a video, a YouTube channel or a TED Talk, you know it’s time to get it out there;

* you are in a career transition and want to chart your next move in a direction you’re meant to go.


How does the Bootcamp work?

The course is all delivered and facilitated online. Each week you’ll receive a link to all the videos, worksheets, and resource links. You’re also invited to attend a live Q & A video workshop the following Friday morning to ask any questions, share your learning, and get inspiration and motivation from the group experience.

How often do you offer the program?

The Video Branding Bootcamp runs twice / year in the Spring and Fall.  Check the Registration page for upcoming dates.

How long is the course?

The Bootcamp runs online for 5 weeks with one learning module released each week. Videos are released on Mondays and a live Q & A session will be held the following Friday to answer any questions about the module. Bonus Trainings will be released at the end of the 5 week course.

What are the online Q & A workshops all about?

This is where the collaborative magic happens. Using a video webinar platform, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the rest of your ‘class’ in our virtual seminar space every week. Get individualized coaching from Robyn as you go through the course, as well as building relationships and networking with other group members in the weekly calls and Facebook group (the online group and coaching calls are optional, but strongly suggested!). The video format is the next best thing to being live and participants are pleasantly surprised by the intimacy, camaraderie, and support in this online group process.

How do I access the videos and are they available after the course ends?

Each Monday you’ll receive an email with a link to the weekly videos. After the end of the course, they will be available along with all the handouts and resource links for one month in your members-only classroom. You are also welcome to take the course again at any time, so you will have access at the start of each of the quarterly sessions.

Is it true I can take the Bootcamp again?

Yes! You are welcome to take the Video Branding Bootcamp as often as you like. New participants will be offered the video ‘seats’ in the video webinar room, but we have lots of room on the audio lines for everyone. The course runs twice / year, so just sign up as an Alumni and you’re in!

Do you offer a guarantee for the Bootcamp?

Yes, we do. If you don’t receive the value you’re looking for after completing all the modules and coursework, you can absolutely have your money back.